Logo of the International Council of RSE Associations, licensed under CC0-1.0

The different existing national and multinational associations have always informally talked and collaborated by a variety of means.

The International Council of RSE Associations (the Council) provides a formal open forum for established national and multinational RSE associations to talk and coordinate regularly, and thus sustain international collaboration.

The Council consists of delegates from the established RSE associations, who meet regularly to coordinate, discuss and collaborate. It is governed by a charter. Further national or multinational RSE associations can join the Council once they pass a threshold for establishment that is defined in the charter.

To maintain openness towards the community and facilitate further knowledge exchange and support, representatives of nascent communities can join Council meetings as observing participants, ask questions and discuss issues at the end of meetings.

To get in touch with the Council, write an email to
📧 [email protected].

For more information, also read this blog post from the 2nd International RSE Leaders Workshop 2020.

Read the Charter of the International Council of RSE Associations or download it as a PDF file.

The Council has a Code of Conduct, and you are expected to honour it in any participation in or interaction with the Council.

Current member associations and representatives

Association Name Email
Soc RSE David Beavan [email protected]
Soc RSE Evelina Gabasova [email protected]
de-RSE Anna-Lena Lamprecht [email protected]
de-RSE Frank Löffler [email protected]
BE-RSE Alexander Botzki [email protected]
BE-RSE Johan Philips [email protected]
NL-RSE Thomas Pronk [email protected]
NL-RSE Yan Grange [email protected]
RSE-AUNZ Rowland Mosbergen [email protected]
Nordic-RSE Anne Claire Fouilloux [email protected]
Nordic-RSE Radovan Bast [email protected]
US-RSE Keith Beattie [email protected]
US-RSE Rinku Gupta [email protected]

Observer associations

Association Name Email
RSE Asia Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal [email protected]