This is the website of the international research software engineering community.

Research Software Engineers are people who combine professional software expertise with an understanding of research. They go by various job titles but the term Research Software Engineer (RSE) is fast gaining international recognition.

National RSE Associations

Society of Research Software Engineering - UK
DE-RSE - Society for Research Software in Germany
NL-RSE - The community of Research Software Engineers in the Netherlands
NORDIC-RSE - Nordic Research Software Engineers Community
US-RSE - The US Research Software Engineer Association

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About this site

In January, leaders of national RSE associations, groups and related initiatives from around the world came together in London for the first International RSE Leaders Workshop. This website and some initial blog posts (scroll down!) were created by breakout groups and other resources are in the pipeline.

The International Network of RSE Associations (behind this site) was established as a loose grouping of the people leading national associations or in the process of setting them up and can be reached via the contact link.